Phoebus coach apologizes for incident

In a letter released to, Phoebus head coach Stan Sexton addresses the incident that occurred after his team won the state championship on Saturday afternoon at Scott Stadium.
I want to personally apologize on behalf of my team.
What happened has embarrassed and humiliated this team, Phoebus High School,
Hampton City School and Eastern Region of VA.
I take full responsibility for the actions of my team. Immediate disciplinary
action was taken. All involved have identified and have been reprimanded under
the guidelines set by Hampton City Schools.
Please try to hold your judgment on Phoebus football due to five individuals that
put themselves before the team.
My staff did a remarkable job returning ALL items taken.
I greatly appreciate our fans here on and
I will do my best to do what it takes to repair our reputation here at Phoebus
and try to regain the respect that has been lost due to this incident.
To all of our fans you are the BEST and I am deeply sorry that we have
disappointed you.
To the others we here at Phoebus will continue to provide a quality program and
hopefully regain your respect.
I am very sorry,
Stan Sexton
Head Football Coach
Phoebus High School
The story as reported by the Washington Post