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I see by the calendar that football practices will officially begin in
just over a week and quite quickly after that, August
22nd, the first games in the state (Maury at Menchville and Norview at Huguenot) will be played. 
Hopefully, by now, you've seen the
target="_blank"> Preseason Top Ten rankings
and you are familiar with my work around the Northern Region as I have
covered the area for the last six seasons.
I'm back for another season this year and we've expanded the
teams that will be included in the NoVa reports as a number of schools
have been added (see below for full details).
In the coming weeks, look for a number of articles including
players to watch, games to see, storylines to follow and programs on
the rise, to name a few.
There are new faces, new challengers, new prospects and a
whole bunch of exciting new things coming this fall. Be prepared for a
great season of high school football in 2014.
For your reference, here is the entire list of teams that are
included in the NoVa coverage area for
style="font-style: italic;">Football Editor Rod
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