Mike Roark Recruiting
Click Here to view this Link.Mike Roark, a long time high school and college coach with strong ties to
Virginia, has started As a coach Mike has helped place prospects at
all the different college levels (D-I, D-I AA, D-2, D-3, N.A.I.A and junior
college). He has former players that have played in the PAC-12, WAC,
ACC, etc., as well as the NFL, CFL and even over in Europe. For the past
eight years he as been the Regional Manager for Digital Sports Video, a video
editing company that deals with hundreds of colleges and thousands of high
schools nationwide.
With all of his varied experiences and knowledge of the recruiting process,
Mike recently decided to start The purpose of this site is very simple.
To offer free, to every student-athlete in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the
State of West Virginia, the opportunity to market themselves to college coaches.
Mike is pleased to provide a this is no cost service to any student-athlete.
With this free service you will be able to Mike your 3 minute highlight film. He
will make it available to every college in Virginia and West Virginia. There
will also be a written profile available to the schools. Check out the
link to his site on how to get your highlight film online and how to get your
profile to colleges in Virginia and West Virginia.
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