LIVE 3A Championship Blog at VCU

9.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif"'>That'll wrap up our
Coverage from Session 1 of the VHSL State Basketball Tournament at VCU.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Coming up are two more games to come in Session 2 this
evening with William Fleming vs. Lake Taylor in the 4A Girls Basketball State
Championship, followed by the Thursday nightcap of the 4A Boys Basketball State
Championship with the Norcom Greyhounds taking on the
Handley Judges.


none;text-underline:none'>Postgame Presser with John Marshall
style='text-decoration:none;text-underline:none'>Postgame Presser with George

9.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif"'>The John Marshall
Justices played some mighty good competition all season long, challenging
themselves in the non-conference slate by playing in the
Classic against Cape Henry, who beat them in overtime, as well as the Times-Dispatch
Tournament and even taking on a Christchurch team with the state's #1 ranked
prospect in Florida signee Devin Robinson.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>In the end, it all paid off for a John Marshall team
full of underclassmen and might very well be back in the spotlight again come
March 2015. George Wythe's terrific
season ends at 23-5 overall against a team that was on fire almost the entire

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Here are the Final Stats . . .


Marshall Justices 74:
style=> (22-5 Overall)
Jeremy Sheppard - - 27Pts. 9-13FG, 5-8 3's, 4-5FT, 4Reb. 4Ast. 4Stl
Quaman Burton
- - 14Pts. 5-8FG, 4-8FT, 2Reb. 14Ast. 2Stl.
Taqqi Muhammad - - 12Pts. 5-7FG, 2-3FT, 5Reb.
Nate Williams - - 8Pts. 4-7FG, 7Reb. 4Blk.
Jay Broaddus - - 6Pts. 2-8FG, 7Reb. 3Ast.
Justices - - 28-55FG, 7-15 3's, 11-18FT, 32Reb. 22Ast. 11TO's,
4Blk. 9Stl.

Wythe Bulldogs 56:
style=> (23-5 Overall)
Maliek White - - 19Pts. 7-18FG, 3-9 3's, 2-2FT, 2Ast.
T.J. Durham - - 9Pts. 4-7FG, 3Reb. 2Ast. 2Stl.
Fernando Holland - - 9Pts. 4-7FG, 1-4FT, 5Reb.
Maurice Coleman - - 7Pts. 0-3FG, 7-10FT, 2Ast. 3Ast
Dashawn Hewlett - - 6Pts. 1-3FG, 4-6FT, 12Reb. 5Ast.
Bulldogs - - 18-48FG, 4-17 3's, 16-26FT, 34Reb. 13Ast. 13TO's,
5Blk. 5Stl.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>John Marshall couldn't have shot the ball much better
with Sheppard tearing the defense up from beyond the arc.
style=> As Coach Ty
White stated, it's like a lay-up it seems when he pulls the trigger on a long-range
shot. Burton was stupendous as well with
14 points and 14 dimes as well as very few turnovers.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>More to come, including our Session #2 Blog later on
today - - stay tuned right here on!

9.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif"'>It is in the books
and the John Marshall Justices have accomplished something the school hasn't
done in 60 years and Ty White's team
captures the state title in Group 3A, defeating a George Wythe Bulldogs team
that defeated them in the regional title game.

background:yellow;mso-highlight:yellow'>BOYS HOOPS 3A CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL - - JOHN

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Coach White goes to the stands to get his children and
the JM fans begin to celebrate. We'll have
Final Stats in a little bit . . . stay tuned!

9.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif"'>We're ticking down
the seconds to John Marshall's first state title victory since 1954, which was
prior to integration. The Justices got
beat 72-48 in the AAA State Championship by Henrico a year ago, and the players
that were in that game currently playing for John Marshall must've remembered
that feeling, not wanting to experience it again.
style=> Instead, they're the ones giving out a
lopsided beating as the Justices are ahead by 18 on George Wythe with under a
minute to go.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>In what will be a loss for Wythe, sophomore point guard
style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'> White must be commended for playing
with a lot of energy and going hard the entire way as he scored at least 19
class=GramE>points. Both teams
are now emptying their benches.

9.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif"'>It has been a
wonderful turnaround season for George Wythe to record 23 victories and capture
a regional title this season on their way to reaching the 3A State Championship
game. Today though, it has been all John
Marshall as the Justices have breezed past them since closing the opening
period on a 13-2 run. The Justices also
got a big boost of momentum to close out the first half with
style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'> Muhammad's jam, and everyone is
working just about on offense for JM.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>With 2:16 to play, John Marshall leads George Wythe
70-48 in a game that was a nine-point contest at the half.
style=> Nate
Williams and Greg Jones have
been able to be factors offensively, likewise for sub
normal'>Jay Broaddus, and point guard
normal'> Burton is handing out dimes left and right in this one, mostly to
Sheppard and Muhammad.

9.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif"'>To start off the fourth
quarter, George Wythe sophomore point guard
normal'> White shows his hops, skying for a
pretty rejection. He's been instrumental
in their turnaround and is going to be one to watch for years to come for the
Bulldogs. However,
normal'>Ty White's Justices of John Marshall continue to strike from the

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>When Wythe cuts the gap to 12 with three straight
points to begin the fourth quarter, John Marshall gets a fifth three-pointer of
the game from sophomore guard Jeremy
Sheppard, who now has 19 points. I
would say this is Sheppard's coming out party, except he's been doing this all
year long and isn't afraid of the big stage or bright lights.

9.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif"'>The John Marshall
offense is simply firing on all cylinders today and they went 8-for-13 from the
floor in the third quarter, an impressive 61.5% to increase their lead from
nine to 15 at the end of three quarters.
Point guard Quaman
style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'> Burton has been incredible in this one
with 10 points, 13 assists and only two turnovers, consistently finding others
cutting and slashing to the hoop when he drives.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>And it's not like George Wythe shot all that poorly in
the third quarter themselves. They were
5-for-9 from the field, but have been unable to stop JM's offensive attack that
is scoring both inside and out, and when bigs like
style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'>Greg Jones and
normal'>Nate Williams are hitting shots away from the basket, look
out. The Bulldogs did turn it over four
times in that third quarter, and the duo of
normal'>Brandon Holley and Dashawn
Hewlett have been held to five points each.

3rdQ - - John Marshall 56, George Wythe 41

9.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif"'>George Wythe refuses
to get out of the zone defensively and John Marshall continues to carve it up
since finding their footing offensively midway through the first quarter.
style=> Junior 6-foot-7 (
normal'>maybe 6-8?) forward Nate
Williams sinks an elbow jumper and another shot, showing off his skill
level to coaches watching live or on TV with my pals
normal'>Gary Hess and Robert Fish
calling the action for the cameras.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Freshman Greg
Jones, another budding talent who's at least 6-foot-4, perhaps inching his
way up to 6-foot-6 or taller before his career is over, hits a three-point shot
as my media colleague to my left was saying 'oh no, don't take that shot.'
style=> To be honest, I was thinking the same thing,
but everything is falling for John Marshall this afternoon.

9.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif"'>John Marshall picks
up right where it left off to begin the second
half. After
normal'>T.J. Durham scores for George Wythe to trim the deficit to seven,
the Justices get a fourth three-point make of the contest from sophomore guard
style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'>Jeremy Sheppard.
style=> His recruiting stock should only go up, not
down, after this performance here today.

115%;font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif"'> Muhammad
the rangy wing who defends about as well as anyone on the perimeter in the
state at the 3A level, scores to follow it and increase the lead to 11.
style=> The Justices are solving this George Wythe
zone, and the Bulldogs' fans behind me on press row are pleading to Coach
style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'>Willard Coker to get out of it

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>"How you going to play zone when you got a team full of
athletes, Coach?" That's what one fan
just yelled behind me (and I'm positive
that's what he said because my ear is still ringing).

9.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Some half-time
numbers as the John Marshall Justices lead the George Wythe Bulldogs by a count
of 37-28 in the 3A Boys Basketball State Championship . . .

at the Half:

Marshall 37:
Jeremy Sheppard - - 11Pts. 3-7FG, 3-6 3's, 2Reb. 3Ast. 2Stl.
Quaman Burton - - 8Pts. 3-6FG, 2-3FT, 7Ast. 0TO's
Jay Broaddus - - 5Pts. 2-6FG, 6Reb. 2Ast.
JM - - 14-28FG, 4-10 3's, 5-8FT, 17Reb. 12Ast. 4TO's, 3Blk.

Wythe 28:
Maliek White - - 7Pts. 2-9FG, 1-4 3's, 2-2FT, 2Blk.
Brandon Holley - - 5Pts. 2-4FG, 2Reb. 2PF
Fernando Holland - - 6Pts. 3-6FG, 4Reb.
GW - - 8-25FG, 2-7 3's, 10-12FT, 17Reb. 7Ast. 4TO's, 3Blk.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Clearly, the outside shooting of Sheppard really turned
the tide for John Marshall, but not to be left out is the penetration and
ability to create for others of Burton.
To have seven assists and no turnovers at the point guard spot in one
half of basketball in the State Championship is absolutely fabulous.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>George Wythe was able to start off well offensively and
establish Holland. They got away from
that a little, even though they were able to get to the foul line more than JM
and make most of them count. They have
to get Dashawn Hewlett on track; he
was the real big difference maker in the second meeting that they won and he
was relatively quiet. They've also got
their main three scorers in Hewlett, Holley and White in foul trouble with two
personal fouls apiece.

9.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif"'>What a burst to head
into the locker room at the half for John Marshall.
style=> The Justices grab their largest lead at nine
points when sophomore Jeremy Sheppard comes
up with a loose ball as George Wythe tried to hold for the last possession,
resulting in a breakaway dunk for junior wing
normal'> Muhammad.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Muhammad has been instrumental all year long
defensively for JM, guarding the likes of Indiana signee Robert Johnson of
Benedictine, Florida signee Devin Robinson for Christchurch and Cape Henry
junior star Chris Clarke.

- - John Marshall 37, George Wythe 28

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Scratch out my last post bout the half-time score
meaning nothing. A demoralizing finish
to the first half for George Wythe and John Marshall has lots of momentum.

9.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif"'>One thing George
Wythe is starting to do a really good job of is attack offensively and get to
the free-throw line. As the game
progresses, that could get one of JM's two big men, junior
normal'>Nate Williams or Greg Jones
(both of whom hold D-1 offers), in foul trouble.
style=> Especially doing a good job of that is Wythe
5-foot-11 junior reserve guard Maurice
Coleman with four trips to the charity stripe.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Sophomore PG
normal'>Maliek White hits
a three-pointer to bring the Bulldogs within three at 29-26.
style=> But John Marshall continues to get what it
wants and needs offensively with a Nate
Williams elbow jumper and
normal'>Quaman Burton finding
nothing the bottom of the net for two.
As we tick under a minute to go in the first half, it's JM up by a count
of 33-28.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Let's not forget that the last time they played, John
Marshall led at half-time and George Wythe rallied.
style=> Wythe also saw an 11-point lead in the first
meeting turn into a 11-point loss, so the score
through two quarters sometimes means very little when these two Richmond area
schools get together.

9.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif"'>The John Marshall
offense continues to fire on all cylinders after they were down 11-5 and got
going as Jay Broaddus knocks down a
three-pointer, and not long after that they get a third trey of the first half
from sophomore Jeremy Sheppard.
style=> Their lead has swelled to 27-19 nearing the
midway point of the second quarter.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>How much longer will George Wythe Head Coach
style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'>Willard Coker stay in the zone is the
question? Coker, the former sideline
boss at Virginia Union, has done remarkable job turning around a program that
won just 22 games in the previous six seasons combined and they've got 23
victories this year. I'm interested to
see if he has a couple tricks up his sleeve.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Finally, George Wythe gets a much-needed stop on
defense with sophomore point guard
normal'>Maliek White making
a rejection, then going the other way and dumping it off to teammate
style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'>Eric Crews inside and he's fouled.
style=> Maybe a play that will
ignite George Wythe? They trail
it 27-22 with three minutes left in the first half.

9.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif"'>It's a 13-2 spurt
for John Marshall to close the opening quarter in a game that has the look of
one where there will be runs by both teams back-and-forth in a seesaw type of
battle that you would expect between two teams that have split meetings to this
point, playing for a State Championship.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Down 11-5, John Marshall turned to senior point guard
style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'> Burton, the tough as nails guy and
junkyard dog for Coach Ty White, to
initiate the offense and he did that via penetration.
style=> Burton had a tough drive for a basket, plus
drew the harm. He then attacked again
for a score. That opened up the
three-point shooting for sophomore Jeremy
Sheppard, who has coaches from Mount St. Mary's, VCU, William & Mary
and many others keeping a close eye on him.
Sheppard has a beautiful looking stroke and a bright future.
style=> He's made 100 3's on the campaign

1stQ - - John Marshall 18, George Wythe 13

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>George Wythe will have to get back to their defensive
principles that got them the lead and keep John Marshall's guards under
control, shooting or penetrating.

9.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif"'>George Wythe has
attacked John Marshall inside effectively, going to their 6-foot-6 senior
center Fernando Holland.
style=> Any points he provides can be a bonus because
their main scoring threats are on the perimeter in the form of the aforementioned
White, Brandon Holley and
style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'>Dashawn Hewlett.
style=> Speaking of White and Holley, they have
gotten in on the act, too.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Holley converted a three-pointer and White slipped
backdoor on the defense for a baseline lay-up.
It's Wythe in the lead 11-5 with 2:43 to go in the first quarter and the
John Marshall offense has gone stagnant against this Bulldogs' defense, which
is looking to keep the basketball away from Sheppard and doing a fairly good
job so far. John Marshall has had a
couple of turnovers and will need their defense stop Wythe from getting in the
paint and finding easy scores. Their
front-line defenders have to step up soon or else it'll be a big afternoon for
Wythe offensively.

style=> We are underway here at VCU in the 3A Boys
Basketball State Championship between John Marshall and George Wythe.
style=> Out of the gate, John Marshall freshman
style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'>Greg Jones, who checks in at close
6-foot-5 or maybe right there, hits a pretty jump-hook.
style=> It appears that George Wythe is playing a
Box-and-One defense in the early going, trying to shadow JM star
style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'>Jeremy Sheppard.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>George Wythe gets to the foul line with sophomore point
guard Maliek
style='mso-bidi-font-weight:normal'> White converting a pair.
style=> Remember as we pointed out in the Preview,
Wythe had a lot more success when they got to the foul line in the second
meeting against John Marshall, and the Justices will have to cut off
penetration well to prevail.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>It's JM in the lead 3-2 with 6:01 to go in the opening
quarter after Sheppard split a pair of free-throws and the Justices turned it
over on a traveling violation.

9.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Well, it's in the books
and the Spotswood Trailblazers have defeated the Broadway Gobblers in the 3A
Girls Basketball State Championship.

background:yellow;mso-highlight:yellow'>GIRLS BASKETBALL 3A CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Spotswood finishes its season with a record of 27-1
overall, while Broadway wraps up at 22-6 overall.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Here are the Final Stats below . . .


style=> (27-1 Overall)
Elizabeth Dofflemyer - - 19Pts. 5-9FG, 8-11FT, 2Ast.
Tayler Dodson - - 17Pts. 6-9FG, 6-9FT, 10Reb. 2Ast. 3Stl.
McKenzie Jenkins - - 13Pts. 4-6FG, 4-4FT, 2Ast.
Blazers - - 16-34FG, 3-12 3's, 21-28FT, 18Reb. 11Ast. 12TO's,
2Blk. 9Stl.

style=> (22-6 Overall)
Brianna Zook - - 17Pts. 5-8FG, 5-8FT, 8Reb.
Ally Repko - - 8Pts. 3-4FG, 2-5FT,
Chrissy Delawder - - 6Pts. 2-4FG, 2-2FtT 2Reb.
Gobblers - - 15-29FG, 0-5 3's, 19-27FT, 23Reb. 6Ast. 14TO's,
0Blk. 1Stl.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Coming up next . . . it's the showdown in 3A between
two Richmond area schools with a packed house as the John Marshall Justices
take on the George Wythe Bulldogs. John
Marshall won the Conference 26 Tournament against George Wythe, while the
Bulldogs defeated the Justices for the 3A-East Regional Championship.
style=> This one ought to be a dandy.

9.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Welcome to another
year of LIVE Blog Coverage of the 2014 VHSL State Basketball Tournament from the
Verizon Wireless Arena in Richmond at VCU's Stuart C. Siegel Center.
style=> We have 12 Championship matchups - - six boys
and six girls - - over the next there days and we plan to provide you with
updates throughout.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Also be sure to follow the
style='text-decoration:none;text-underline:none'>Hatfield Sports Twitter feed
for periodic updates and tidbits, too.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Our first session is about halfway through as the Spotswood
Girls currently lead Broadway in the 3A State Championship late in the fourth quarter.
style=> We'll have a final on that one shortly.
style=> Coming up after that at 2:00 PM to close out
the opening session will be a third matchup in the 3A Boys Basketball
Championship between the John Marshall Justices and George Wythe Bulldogs.

"Verdana","sans-serif"'>Below you can see the matchups with records and times
when the Championship games will be played here at VCU over the next three



State Championships:

- S1 Colonial Forge (26-1) vs. S2 Landstown (23-5) -
- March 14 at 8:30PM
Girls - S1 Cosby (25-0) vs. N1 Stonewall Jackson (22-6) - - March 14 at 6:30PM



State Championships:

- S2 Henrico (22-6) vs. N2 Potomac (27-1) - - March 14 at 2PM
Girls - S1 Princess Anne (27-1) vs. S2 Highland Springs (24-2) - - March 14 at



State Championships:

- S1 Norcom (22-5) vs. N1 Handley (21-2) - - March 13
at 8:30PM
Girls - S1 Lake Taylor (22-4) vs. N1 William Fleming (22-6) - - March 13 at



State Championships:

- E1 George Wythe (23-4) vs. E2 John Marshall (21-5) - - March 13 at 2PM
Girls - W1 Spotswood (26-1) vs. W2 Broadway (22-5) - - March 13 at Noon



State Championships:

- E1 Bruton (26-1) vs. W1 Dan River (24-0) - - March 15 at 8:30PM
Girls - W1 Gate City (25-2) vs. W2 Central-Wise (23-6) - - March 15 at 6:30PM



State Championships:

- E1 Altavista (22-3) vs. W1 Radford (26-2) - - March
15 at 2PM
Girls - W1 Honaker (24-6) vs. W2 Chilhowie (25-2) - - March 15 at Noon



style='text-decoration:none;text-underline:none'>6A Preview - - Colonial Forge
vs. Landstown
style='text-decoration:none;text-underline:none'>5A Preview - - Henrico vs.
style='text-decoration:none;text-underline:none'>4A Preview - -
class=SpellE>Norcom vs. Handley
style='text-decoration:none;text-underline:none'>3A Preview - - George Wythe
vs. John Marshall
style='text-decoration:none;text-underline:none'>2A Preview - - Bruton vs. Dan
style='text-decoration:none;text-underline:none'>1A Preview - - Radford vs.



115%;font-family:"Times New Roman","serif";text-decoration:none;text-underline:
none'>Matthew Hatfield
style='font-size:12.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Times New Roman","serif"'>
serves as State Basketball Analyst for
style='font-size:12.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Times New Roman","serif";
115%;font-family:"Times New Roman","serif"'>, part of the
Network. Check out
text-decoration:none;text-underline:none'>Hatfield's Twitter page
115%;font-family:"Times New Roman","serif"'> for more sports related updates,
and you can also read his work in the
style='font-size:12.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Times New Roman","serif";
text-decoration:none;text-underline:none'>Suffolk News Herald
115%;font-family:"Times New Roman","serif"'>.
To contact Matthew, please e-mail
style='font-size:12.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Times New Roman","serif";
115%;font-family:"Times New Roman","serif"'>, and don't forget to listen to him
every Saturday at 10AM on
115%;font-family:"Times New Roman","serif";text-decoration:none;text-underline:
none'>ESPN Radio 94.1
style='font-size:12.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:"Times New Roman","serif"'>,
plus watch him on the
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