Keeping records straight

April 28, 2009 - Keeping
Records Straight
The first time that I ever sat in the press box, I was stunned by how completely
inaccurate the statistics are as gathered by those sitting on press row.
Several times, I've sat in the middle seat of a three-person press posse and
laughed at how a trio of reporters can arrive at three completely different
numbers for a running back, sometimes having differences of up to 30 or 40
That is not a problem when attending Eastern Region or state championship games
however as the VHSL hires a "stats" company to track the activities in a game.
That group is named "StatVa" and, in the Tidewater area, they are available to
the local schools to track individual and team statistics in real time.
They are the first and only group who will rely upon for game
stats and is always our first hire when conducting our events whether basketball
or football.
The company gives back to the community as well offering seniors an opportunity
to earn a college scholarship by working with them which includes exposure to a
software program that is used by all college programs to gather statistical
Additionally, all stats are forwarded to college coaches on a weekly basis
allowing them to track potential recruits on a game-by-game basis while high
school coaches will receive detailed print outs of every aspect of their games
allowed for analysis of their teams strengths and weaknesses.
If you are serious about taking your program to the next level, StatVa is an
investment worthy of your consideration.
Those interested in working with StatVa please contact Michael Whittington at