Fowler has Goochland back in title game!

Goochland football coach Joe Fowler, in his 12th season, is back where he wants to be. He has his Bulldogs on the brink of a Group A Division 2 state championship game. He was one state title at the school but fell in last year's title game. Just days ahead of the battle against Essex, Fowler sat down with
VP: How does it feel to make it back to the title game?
JF: We are proud of how well our kids have performed. Hopefully we will finish it off differently than last year.
VP: You guys are a run-first team. But, last week's big win over Wilson Memorial saw your team fail to score on the ground, getting touchdowns in the air and defensively. Your thoughts?
JF: We worked all year on our passing game. We have some pretty good skill kids. We are probably in everyone's mind a run-first offense. We feel if they stack the box, we can go over the top and get some big plays on people.
VP: You guys lost 14 starters last year. How did you all manage to rebound?
JF: We have got a tight-knit group of kids. We mad some changes early in the year after weeks three and four and gave some young kids an opportunity to play. Those kids have stepped up to the challenge...We have been playing a little faster on defense."
VP: What would it mean to get another title?
JF: I can't even fathom what it would be like. We are just tying to do it one day at a time and prepare our best for Essex.
VP: What do you know about them?
JF: They are as athletic as any team at the state, have great speed at skill positions, a quarterback who has set the record for touchdown passes in a season. Hopefully our experience of being there last year will benefit us."
VP: How's the confidence level entering Saturday at Salem?
JF: Our kids are playing with a lot of confidence They are excited, enthusiastic We get great community support in Goochland. Everybody is excited for the trip to Salem on Saturday."