Cutler talks picking the Cavs!

Ocean Lakes (Virginia Beach, VA) Class of 2013 quarterback Corwin Cutler pulled in his first ACC offer in April, and a month later, he has decided to pull the trigger and commit to that school. On Tuesday afternoon, Cutler gave a verbal to play his College Football for Coach Mike London and the Virginia Cavaliers.
Below are quotes that Cutler gave to Matthew Hatfield on Wednesday afternoon, following the public release of commitment to the Cavaliers!
"A lot of people might come out with 20, 30 offers. I only had one offer in UVA, but I wanted to look at all the schools out there and it just so happened that I liked them the most. They’re a real great school education-wise. I know that’ll be a great fit for me because if I don’t make it in football, I can fall back on that and have an opportunity to make it at something else in life."
"The whole coaching staff is like another family. Being around another family is like the best thing that can happen. It’s really great being around another family at UVA because I know all the football players there, some of us played together before with the Wolf Pack in rec league and we have that chemistry together."
"Coach London was impressed with my personality. He said that I’m a great kid with a high confidence level, but at the same time very humble. He was glad I made my commitment and for me to be apart of the Cavalier family."
"I saw all my friends going there, they’re doing well and it’s a great school. You already know they’re recruiting me. They would tell me ‘Turtle let’s come do this thing at UVA.’ I also saw that it would be a great move for me and my family. That’s why I made my commitment.”
“Some things I want to work on to get better are getting the ball out quicker. I’ve got a good, quick release, but I want to be able to get out to my receiver when he gets out of his break, make better choices and faster reads."
"I’ve got goals I want to achieve before UVA like lead us to a Championship because we’ve never done that before here at Ocean Lakes, and we want to make a statement that Ocean Lakes is the best. In college, I want to build that program up, which is what Coach London has talked about. He wants to do that, start something new, win this ACC Championship and let everyone that the 757 is the best."
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