Video and Scouting Report: Alex Owah

Scouting Report - Top Class of 2009
One scout's analysis of Harrisonburg (Virginia commit) standout Alex Owah:

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"Alex Owah is a versatile athlete that could project at several different
positionsat the next level. Cornerback and wide receiver certainly
are options, but I lean towardslotting Owah at tailback.As a
runner, Owah's speed and quickness arehis most obvious assets -- Owah has
great burst through the line and the speed to be ahomerun threat--
but Owah's vision and knack for setting up blocks also are key to his success.
While Owah will have to put on 10-15 lbs to handle the pounding at the D1
level, he already runs with surprising power for a back his size. As a
receiver, Owah has plus hands and is athreat in space."
Name: Alex Owah
City, State: Harrisonburg, VA
Position: Running back
Class: 2009
Media: Video
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