September 17, 2013

UNC commit Jones shows leg strength

North Carolina has been looking for that golden leg that could come in a provide the service the Barth brothers were able to do when they attended UNC, breaking several records in the kicking game.

The coaches might have found one of the better kickers out there in Freeman Jones, the kicker from Bunn (NC). Tar Heel Illustrated made the trip last weekend to catch up with the young guy, as Bunn took on Corinth Holders last Friday night.

Several recruits were able to make it up to Chapel Hill the other week against Middle Tennessee State but Jones said that he wasn't able to make it up there with the rest of the 2014 recruits to watch the Tar Heels take care of business against the Raiders.

"I couldn't get up there because I had prior obligations because of work, but I plan on coming to the rest of the home games."

The next game he is planning to attend is when the Tar Heels take on in-state foe in East Carolina, when they make the trip to Chapel Hill Sept 28.

"I'm looking forward to being around all the coaches," Jones replied when asked about what he is looking forward to when heading to Chapel Hill.

"It has been a while since I've been up there. I'm really in love with all the coaches and I'm ready to see what the stadium brings. It's going to be a big one, in-state school with ECU."

However, even though Jones hasn't been able to make it over to UNC, that doesn't mean he hasn't been in contact with the coaches from UNC. Jones continues to talk to Coach Randy Jordan and Lou Hernandez, as they don't always talk about football when they catch up with each other.

"I've been talking to mainly Coach Jordan, my recruiting guy, and Coach Lou. Those are the main two I talk to. Whenever I talk to them, it's more so catching up on how life is going, how I'm doing, and how the team is doing; nothing to serious, just being friendly."

Jones has been working hard throughout the season, as he continues to try to get better each and every week. Bunn lost to Corinth Holders last week 21-10, pushing their record to 1-3 on the season and looking to turn things around in conference play.

However, Jones was able to display his leg strength and kicking ability, as Jones had several touchbacks in the game and on the season, to go along with his short field goal and extra point.

Jones was able to show his leg strength, as Bunn lined up for a 54 yard field goal and Jones just pushed it left, but with plenty of distance.

"It could always get better, of course but that's why we practice," Jones said about his season so far. "I come up there, do my work Monday through Thursday, and when it comes to Friday, I can do better. I'm definitely trying to improve all the time."

THI had to ask what his longest field goal he has hit in a game so far, after witnessing plenty of leg on the 54 yard attempt last Friday.

"In a game, I made a 48 last year. I wanted it so bad (talking about the 54 yard miss)."

With Jones' leg strength and ability to hit field goals, there is no doubt the he will come into Carolina and compete early on for the Tar Heels.

When asked how strong he is with UNC, Jones said "I'm solid with Carolina; I'm not going anywhere."

Jones will certainly be a name that could be a true weapon for the Tar Heels for years to come, and will be a game changer at the special teams position.

Certainly someone that Tar Heels are happy to have coming in their upcoming class of 2014.

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